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Mind your manners — and your data. There’s no such thing as 10,000-mile scheduled maintenance for your hard drive or an oil change for your smartphone. First date etiquette: the low down. When it comes to money matters, men and women diverge on first date etiquette for the budget.Men are the big spenders, with the majority (60%) expecting to spend more than $45 to impress their date, while 70% of women expect to spend between $15-$45, and 10% don’t expect to spend any money at all. Dating Etiquette for Guys. It can be awkward during the getting-to-know-you phase of dating. Be kind to your date and try to break the ice as best as you can. Small, thoughtful gestures are typically appreciated and show that you are a genuine and sweet person. Some people are not comfortable with the idea of men pulling out their chairs ... Dating Etiquette - Before the date. Do not expect your prospect to be available for a date at short notice. Ask a few days in advance of the proposed date Set a meeting time and if possible an ending time. If the person cannot or will not be available for a date at the second request – they are not interested. Debby Mayne is an etiquette expert and writer with 25+ years of experience. She covers professional, social, children's, wedding, and funeral etiquette. Learn about The Spruce's Editorial Process. Debby Mayne. Updated 06/10/19. Pin Share Email Getty Images . Data Center Etiquette. John Borhek Editorial February 11, 2016. For the last 10 to 15 years, I have been in and out of Data Centers of all types. I’ve also had the privilege of working in many different capacities, from corporate IT pawn, to the guy running the project. During this time I have had the privilege of working with and learning ... Data etiquette, therefore, should be a crucial part of a company’s customer-first strategy and something that should be clearly communicated to consumers, to build and maintain their trust. 10 Basic Rules of Netiquette or Internet Etiquette Know Your Manners When Using Technology. By. Elizabeth Hartney, BSc., MSc., MA, PhD. Elizabeth Hartney, BSc, MSc, MA, PhD is a psychologist, professor, and Director of the Centre for Health Leadership and Research at Royal Roads University, Canada.

12 Steps to Successful Telemarketing.

2020.09.24 11:32 parth770 12 Steps to Successful Telemarketing.

Never underestimate how much telephone etiquette affects the customers who contact your call center. Proper telephone etiquette is as important to a good customer experience as product or service knowledge and problem-solving skills. Both new-hire and ongoing training is vital to both teach and reinforce call center telephone etiquette skills.

Telephone Etiquette Best Practices

Call center procedures should focus on best practices for good telephone etiquette. These include using a formal greeting in which you clearly state your name, addressing a caller using sir or ma’am and never interrupting the caller. Allowing a caller to finish a thought or sentence is not only polite, but also necessary to understand the call's purpose, or formulate questions to ask once the caller finishes, so everyone is on the same page. Refraining from eating or drinking while on a call is a common sense best practice.

Vocal Etiquette

Despite good intentions, it can be easy to overlook vocal etiquette in a busy call center. Even if your words and information are correct, how you deliver a message can lead to an unsuccessful call. Tone, inflection, pitch, rate and volume are all critical to good vocal etiquette. Highlighting the right words or phrases, a lower pitch, speaking slowly and clearly, and speaking neither too softly nor too loudly are important. Don't neglect your tone of voice, which communicates how you feel about the caller.

Customer Service Role-Play Ideas.

Who doesn't love a good game of "Role Play"? When it comes to customer service, your representatives are speaking for you, so it's wise to train new staff by acting out a host of pleasant and not-so-pleasant plots that they can expect to face in the real world. Better now with you, rather than later with actual potential or paying customers. Tweak the following customer service role-play scenarios to suit your particular business setting.

Play "The Greeting" Game Because First Impressions Matter!

"Hey, how's it goin'?" might be a completely acceptable way to greet a young neighbor or a buddy on the street or over the phone, but it's typically considered unprofessional and possibly even offensive or at least drab in the land of customer service. So, come up with appropriate role-play customer service scripts for greeting your guests aka sales prospects. For teaching purposes, have the trainer play the customer service representative first, while the trainee plays the customer, and then reverse roles for practice. Act out suitable situations: For instance, to greet a customer who just entered a retail store, acknowledge her immediately by making eye contact, smiling and saying, "hello" or "good day" in a cheery tone. It's polite to allow retail customers to wander for a minute or so before asking, "Can I help you find something?" or "Have you been here before?" Body language, such as someone appearing to be unable to find what they're looking for, should trigger an immediate offer to help.
It's best if telephone greetings are consistent throughout your customer-service team. For example, a simple greeting like, "Brothers' Auto Sales and Service. Joe speaking. How may I direct your call?" is sufficient, just remember that tone of voice and articulation are vital. After all, you can't hear a smile, and mumbling is downright annoying.
Live-chat customer service lacks both voice and face-to-face interaction, so it's important to always present yourself in a cheerful, polite somewhat casual manner, a bit like you're speaking to a good friend. Play out online chat dialogue with trainees: The typical greeting goes something like, "Hey, Andy, thanks for contacting Ace Computers. I'm Sherrie. How can I help?" Use your discretion: The way you'd greet someone on a teen-clothing site, for instance, would be much different from how you would welcome someone on a funeral-arrangements website.

Avoiding the "I Don't Know" Scenario

In an everyday chat with family and friends, if we don't know the answer to a question, we commonly say, "I don't know," and that's fine. As a customer service representative, however, such an answer instills doubt and distrust, not confidence. Instead, practice answers such as "I'm happy to get that information for you. Can you give me a moment?" with your trainees. Complete the role-playing scene by putting the trainee customer on hold, thanking them for their patience when you return with the answer to their question.

Role Play for Closing a Sale

Aside from establishing a stellar reputation, the ultimate goal of any business is to close as many sales as possible. Customer service exercises for role-playing should include this all-important skill. Practice sales scenarios, using the soft or indirect close with lines such as, "How did the sweater fit?" or "What do you think of this rate plan?" To practice the hard or direct close, you could say, "If you don't have any more questions, I'm happy to complete your order." or "I can have the contract ready by 2 p.m. if that time works for you."

Dealing With an Angry Customer

When a customer feels ignored or that he's being treated unfairly, it's common for him to get angry. No one likes to be yelled at, but a little preparation can empower your customer-service team to handle such difficult situations in a cool-headed manner. Set up a few scenarios to help new reps deal with the common upset-customer issue: One of quickest ways to extinguish a verbal fire is to side with the angry person, letting him know that you understand why he feels the way he does, apologizing for the mistreatment or whatever the possible offense may be and offering to work through the problem with him. Being heard and understood has a calming effect and usually helps people to think more rationally.
Role play customer-service scripts not only help you to train your representatives, they equip your team with confidence, enthusiasm and a consistent voice that portrays your business in a good light.

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2020.09.23 01:44 Knifetoabearfight Codename: Siren

“Alright, ladies and gentlemen let’s come to order,” the Chairmen barked, bashing his gavel on the tabletop,”it’s been a while since we last convened the Council, thankfully under much different circumstances. We’ve defeated the Kythoptrans— “
“You mean the humans defeated the Kythoptrans,” snorted a diminutive official from the end of the table, “there wasn’t an Allied deployment within 1,000 solims when they declared victory.”
“You will refrain from speaking out of turn, Secretary Vushil!” shouted the Chairman, bashing his gavel on the table at each word and glaring around the room imperiously, as if daring any others to chime in.
Shooting a final, withering glance at the Secretary, he continued, “During our last session, we deliberated on two items: first, by 7-4 vote, we determined that Earth would not be allowed to join the Alliance as full members. They fall well beneath the minimum population threshold, their planet lacks 19 of 29 essential resources for galactic commerce, their technology is practically archaic, and they failed to present any ancillary exceptions that would grant them inclusion. This ruling then dictated the outcome of our second item; we determined that the Alliance would not send military aid to the humans. Analyses from the Office of Strategic Combat Operations determined that doing so would spread our forces too thin, leaving Alliance worlds vulnerable to Kythoptran attack.”
“At the time... At the... At— will you stop waving your hand, Secretary Vushil!”
“Are you recognizing me to speak?”
“Yes, fine! If it will cease your interruptions – the Chair recognizes the Secretary of Human Relations to speak!”
“Well, for the record, my title is Ambassador Vushil now that the humans have been declared full, voting members of the Alliance, and we were wrong about that weren’t we”, chortled the Ambassador. “We don’t think human tech is so bad now, eh, eh?” he said nudging his neighbor in the midsection.
There was a long pause.
“Is that all you wished to add?”
“Oh, uh yes, for now,” Vushil leaned into the mic, lowering his voice and droning in an official-sounding monotone, “The Ulick Ambassador to Earth yields the floor back to the Chairman.”
Closing his eyes tightly and rubbing the bony ridge above his central eye cluster with his foretentacle, the Chairman continued, “Last session we determined that the humans did not meet the cultural, technological, or economic criteria to merit inclusion as voting members of the Alliance. As the Ambassador points out,” he said emphasizing the title in a tone of mild annoyance, “that status has since changed. However, we are not here to discuss galactic politics or the voting senate. This council has been called to discuss the human superweapon, codenamed Siren.”
There was a nervous rustle around the chamber as some officials leaned forward intently while others settled deeper into their seats.
“While the Ambassador is clearly thrilled with the human ascension, others have raised concerns at such an underdeveloped race possessing such a lethal weapon.”
“Riiiiggs, I’m too old for this shit,” mumbled Vushil, chuckling quietly to himself.
“Another comment to add Ambassador Vushil!?” roared the Chairman.
“Oh, no it’s just— you said Lethal Weapon, I was just quoting… it’s a bit of media from the human culture, an ancient mythos. They do have the most fascinating legendarium, and the visual media is really quite entertai—”
“Is it relevant to the current discussion!?” gritted the Chairman through his teeth.
“Ah no, not particularly.”
“Then I will proceed with our agenda! Although-the-humans-are-members-of-the-Alliance-now-our-military-analysts-are-concerned-that-they-may-pose-a-threat-to-other-member-nations-should-they-turn-against-the-Alliance!” he rattled in an aggravated flurry, leaving no room for interruptions.
“The purpose of this council is to debrief the human military commander and determine what this superweapon is and what level of threat it poses to the safety and security of our united worlds. To better contextualize and inform the debriefing we will first hear from our own expert. Chief Military Strategist Szchernok, I yield the floor to you.”
Szchernok rose from her seat and strode towards the low platform in the center of the circular room. “Thank you Chairman. Ladies and gentlemen of the council, our best analysts have pored over satellite images, photographs taken by scouts whom we secretly deployed to the surface, and spectral scans gathered by our long range sensors, and we are still not entirely sure how the Siren works.”
Szchernok gestured towards the platform, where a highly detailed hologram of Earth shimmered into existence. “From what we’ve learned from human reports, the Kythoptran vessels took up stratospheric positions above densely populated cities, here, here, and here” she said, gesturing to locations around the landmass labeled “Asia”.
“Consistent with the Kytho’s typical attack strategy, they deployed swarms of soldiers, overwhelming the human defenses and inflicting heavy casualties. Human projectile and explosive weapons were moderately effective at first, however, given their non-renewable nature and the sheer numbers of the Kytho swarm, their ammunition quickly ran out and their garrison was destroyed.”
As she narrated, the hologram zoomed in one ship in particular. Innumerable green dots began issuing forth from ports along its sides; as the hologram continued to zoom in, the council members could see that each dot was a Kythoptran soldier. They dove headlong out of the sides of the ship, their streamlined, armored bodies gliding like missiles through the atmosphere. Anti-aircraft munitions exploded across the sky, but for each bursting shell, there were a dozen Kythoptrans. As the chitinous soldiers neared the ground, transparent wings, run through with veins that looked like wrought iron, struck out from their bodies and brought them to a fluttering hover.
The hologram changed again, this time overlooking a fortified square filled with human soldiers and artillery. The sound of explosions, screams, and the deafening rattle of projectile weapons reverberated through the council chamber. Chunks of Kythoptran armor and wings, yellow guts and shattered antennae rained down on the human soldiers as they fired ceaselessly into the sky.
But it was not enough to stop the onslaught. Kythoptran soldiers swooped low over the human defenders, slashing at them with spiked hind legs and scythe-like mandibles. Other insectoid combatants targeted individual human victims, snatching them with their legs and bearing them up— twenty, thirty, forty meters into the sky— and releasing them to land in a broken heap upon their comrades. Yellow and red gore filled the square in a horrific swamp of unidentifiable limbs and viscera.
“Despite near total losses, the humans were able to inflict significant casualties on the Kythoptran swarm. As we know from previous engagements with the Kythoptrans, after sustaining losses of 60% or greater, they will return to their ships, bearing the biomass of enemy combatants, which they then feed to larval cadets and the juvenile nymphs who crew the ship. Once the larvae develop into adulthood and their numbers are replenished, they redeploy the swarm, repeating the process until they have achieved their conquest.”
The hologram continued to play a graphic depiction of Szchernok’s narration, causing some of the council members to gag and heave, projecting their digestive contents into a nearby bin. Although the council members and their attendant aides were familiar with the Kythoptran strategy, the majority of them had never experienced combat nor witnessed such a feast of carnage first hand.
Szchernok’s feline tail flicked back and forth agitatedly as she stalked around the hologram platform. “I do not show you these horrifying images to test the strength of your stomachs. I show them to you so that you understand exactly what the humans were facing, how hopeless it has been for every world that has fallen to the Kythoptrans. I show it to you so that you appreciate just how lethal and dangerous the Siren weapon must be to have defeated, no, to have utterly annihilated the Kytho’s.”
Her yellow eyes scanned the room, holding eye contact with each council member before continuing on. “We aren’t precisely sure about the next sequence of events. What we know is that the Siren was initially deployed somewhere over a city called Atlanta.”
The hologram changed once more to reveal six bullet shaped craft, connected in a hexagonal configuration by a series of struts. At the center of the hexagon was an immense superstructure; thick steel bands encircled a brilliantly glowing core.
“Is that a photon cannon?! I thought humans were centuries away from developing that kind of tech!” exclaimed a council member from Szchernok’s home planet.
“That was one of our first guesses too, General. But as you can see the structure lacks photonic accumulators and there’s no evidence of a refractor array.”
“Not to mention it doesn’t have a barrel like every other cannon would... and it’s pointing straight into space! Blasting their own moon with hard light doesn’t sound like an effective combat strategy to me,” added Ambassador Vushil.
The General turned to Vushil and began to defend his suggestion when an Admiral spoke over him, “Could it be a plasma emanator then? Those look like the same sort of dampening coils used on our Phaerus Class frigates?”
“We wondered that too, Admiral, but its spectral signature is inconsistent with any known plasma armaments,” Szchernok drew in a breath, her eyes appraising the General and the Admiral in turn. “Our top analysts have confirmed that the superstructure contains a hydrogen fusion reactor.”
The General nearly fell out of his chair in shock, the Admiral leapt to his feet.
“But that can’t be!” exclaimed the Admiral, his feathered head bobbing from side to side in excitement. “A fusion core!? You’re telling us they’ve generated a miniature star inside of that puny tin can!? But deploying that kind of weapon… a reactor of that size... it— it would have obliterated entire sectors of the planet! Turned continents to glass! The Alliance abandoned that technology centuries ago after The Devastation of Corvan II. If they’d used it against the Kytho’s, we would know!” He fell back into his seat, his eyes searching frantically around the room looking for someone to affirm his denial.
“I assure you Admiral, it is a fusion core. The question is not what it is. The question is how the humans managed to harness its power and direct it at the Kythoptrans with surgical precision. We’ve studied Kythoptran carcasses that were recovered by our scouts and the only evidence that they died unnaturally at all is a few scorched antennae. That’s why we’ve called the human Commander here today, to explain just how they can wield this weapon without destroying their planet or vaporizing the Kythopotran soldiers, and to convince us that they can be trusted not to turn it against anyone else.”
It was silent in the council chamber. Finally they understood the gravity of the matter. Corvan II had been the birthplace and the crown jewel of the Alliance. It had been the center of art, culture, and entertainment, philosophy, science, and technology. They had unlocked the secrets of renewable orbital agriculture; famine and starvation were no longer a concern. Sprawling metropolises were powered by the near-unlimited energy of fusion reactor grids; political and national factions no longer squabbled over consumable fuels. These advancements led to innumerable other breakthroughs and brought about unprecedented global prosperity. But even more shocking than their achieving world peace was what Corvan II did next. They dispatched emissaries who eagerly shared their discoveries, they sent delegations of scientists and counselors to dozens of planets, ready to aid them in ascension.
In nearly every other instance, interplanetary alliances were rooted in shared opposition to an invading force, or through a mutual economic benefit that sustained the alliance so long as the prices were right. Never before had an entire galactic sector united through pure altruistic fraternity. The Alliance had grown and spread, identifying candidate planets, and bringing their inhabitants into the fold.
But then came The Devastation. After nearly 400 years of renaissance on Corvan II, something went wrong. In the span of several blinks of the human eye, the sprawling metropolises were reduced to molten lakes of concrete, the once verdant hills turned to endless plains of glass; nothing, no computer log or inhabitant that could have explained the root cause of the catastrophe, survived.
Post-hoc analysis from ships’ sensors and satellites suggest that a single hydrogen fusion reactor failed. This small-scale supernova set off a chain reaction, detonating other reactors, resulting in ignition of the planet’s atmosphere.
Although it had been centuries since The Devastation, the collective psychological trauma and the emotional wounds of losing Corvan II were still fresh. The mere mention of fusion tech was enough to make some flinch.
“I think it’s time we heard from the human officer, Chairman, if you would please invite him to the chamber.”
The Chairman assented, signaling for the security guards at the door to summon the human Commander from the waiting room.
As Szchernok retook her seat, the double doors opened and the Commander strode confidently to the center of the room. He unslung a bag from his shoulder and set it on the hologram platform, then removed the dark lenses that covered his eyes and stowed them in the pocket of his olive bomber jacket.
“I’m not sure of all the etiquette when it comes to saluting or bowing or genuflecting, so let’s just assume I did all the right things in front of all the right people,” he said, turning to look at each of the council members around him.
“Thank you for coming Commander, we are all indebted to Earth’s sacrifice and are forever grateful for your victory. There is not one among us who hasn’t lost a loved one to the swarm,” the Chairman said gesturing around the chamber. The Commander nodded, waiting for the Chairman to continue.
The Chairman looked up at the ceiling, squinted his eyes, and tapped his foretentacle on his desk before continuing, “Despite our deep gratitude, we have significant concerns regarding your Siren superweapon. You have been called here to explain how this superweapon functions and how you were able to annihilate the Kythoptrans so completely with virtually no collateral damage. Finally, this council seeks to be convinced that your continued possession of such a weapon poses no threat to other nations.”
The Commander nodded and smiled subtly, “Yes, well, it only hit the bugs because we designed it that way.”
“Oh, that’s just what we call ‘em. You wouldn’t tell us what they’re real name is— or share any other useful intelligence— and they look like huge-ass versions of what we call ‘bugs’ on Earth, so that’s what we took to calling ‘em.”
“Mmm thank you for clarifying, Commander,” said the Chairman, hoping to gloss over the reality that the Alliance had truly done very little to help the humans. “You said that you had designed the Siren weapon to target the Kythoptrans specifically. Just how did you achieve this?”
“The real breakthrough was when we realized that they were targeting cities based on—”
“Yes, yes, we are well aware of the Kythoptran strategy. They begin with densely populated cities, places that provide the greatest food source and move on from there,” interjected the General, his ears twitching in annoyance. “You are not here to school us in Kythoptran battle strategy. You are here to explain precisely how you used your fusion superweapon— ah yes, you see we are aware of what it is— to kill them!”
“Well, first of all, it would seem that some schooling is in order; you’re wrong about their strategy. Our breakthrough came when we realized they were congregating over the brightest light sources – cities that produce the exceptional light pollution. Of course population and city brightness do seem to be correlated, I’ll give you that. Second of all, it’s not a fusion weapon, at least not in the sense you seem to think it is.”
Seeking to draw attention away from his blunder, the General quickly fired back, “Oh come now! We’ve seen the spectral signatures. You have sworn to give us truthful testimony! Is it gamma rays? Are the Kytho’s particularly vulnerable to gamma rays?!”
“No, it’s nothing like—”
“Have you developed an artificial intelligence-based aerial combatant targeting system, and you blasted them out of the sky with concentrated gamma ray beams!?” steamrolled the General.
“No….But rather than explaining it to you, why don’t I provide a practical demonstration? Would that satisfy you better, General?” asked the Commander, a bit sharply. “Do you have a 120 volt outlet somewhere?” he asked no one in particular while searching around the base of the hologram platform. “Do you have an outlet against the wall over there? Ambassador?”
“No, I don’t see one over here,” Vushil replied, looking along the wall behind him.
“There’s an outlet in the corner here, but I don’t know if it’s the right kind! And besides, I don’t know if they’ll be able to see the demonstration from where they’re sitting,” piped up one of the security guards at the door.
There was a brief recess while someone went to find an extension cable. Whoever had used it last had done a miserable job, leaving it in knots and tangles that took a few minutes to unravel. Having finally accomplished this, the Commander produced a 120 volt adapter and plugged it into the power cable.
At about this time, one of the aides returned with someone from janitorial services who pointed out that there are multiple power outlets hidden beneath panels in the floor at various locations in the room, but if the extension cable was working then they supposed that was alright.
Finally, having situated an appropriate power source, the Commander reached into his bag, pulled forth a perfect, miniature replica of the Siren and plugged it in. The core glowed blue and it began to hum.
Havoc broke out as the General actually did fall out of his chair this time. Scrambling to his feet, the fur along his back standing on end, he hissed, “The human means to assassinate the council! How did he get it past security! Treachery! Betrayal!”
The Admiral had again leapt to his feet, his eyes wide in fear, but all he could do was point at the miniature Siren in shock.
Szchernok and two others pressed their backs against the walls, trying to get as far away from the device as possible, Vushil took cover under the table, and the weak-stomached council member made a break for the door.
The Chairman bashed his gavel on the table, calling for the council to return to order, but it was not until some minutes later that everyone had retaken their seats and the Commander was allowed to continue.
“Let me assure you that you’re all perfectly safe! Now, if I may continue with my demonstration,” the Commander reassured them. In the midst of the chaos he had brought a jar full of hovering black specs out of his satchel. Unscrewing the lid, a dozen flies escaped the container and took flight.
Having not quite learned his lesson about thinking before speaking, the General said in a phony attempt at a whisper, “I fail to see how this provides any insight into the Siren superwe—”
And just then there was a loud crackle, a flash of light and a fly fell dead on the hologram platform. Another crackle, another flash, and it was joined by a second fly. Within a few minutes, all of the insects were lying dead on the platform.
“It’s a bug zapper. It’s a giant bug zapper,” the Commander said, trying unsuccessfully to hide a cheeky smile. “When we realized they were attracted to the light sources, we figured that maybe they don’t just look like bugs, maybe they act like them too. Bugs are attracted to the ultraviolet light, but when they get too close they run into the electrified grid and *zap! Dead bug.”
There was a long silence as the Commander looked around the room. The council members exchanged confused looks.
“Since it works on small bugs, we thought it’d work on the big bugs. We built a scaled up version, and then used a half-dozen blimps to keep it aloft. Whenever the bugs would deploy from their ship, they’d get distracted by the UV light and fly straight into the electrified cables. Their armored shells are pretty tough, but you put 1.21 gigawatts of electricity through ‘em and they go down pretty quick,” continued the Commander.
Ambassador Vushil seemed to be suppressing a chuckle, but the rest of the council seemed committed to their confused silence.
“I don’t understand,” said the General.
“You have made that abundantly evident,” quipped the Commander.
“You constructed one of the most destructive devices, harnessed one of the most powerful reactions in the known universe… generated a miniature star in a jar… so you could power electrical cables?” the General sputtered, clearly bewildered.
“I don’t understand either,” added Ambassador Vushil, “why’d you call it the Siren? Don’t those normally go, vvvvvVVVVVVOOOOOOOOOOooooowwwwww” he howled in a respectable imitation of an air raid siren.
“Ah, I’ll answer your question first, Ambassador – when it’s powered up, the humming noise can be heard for miles and in our ancient mythology, Sirens were these creatures who lured sailors to their deaths by singing to them. We thought it fit. The Siren sings and lures the bugs to their deaths.
“In answer to your question,” he said, turning to the General, “it requires a massive, continuous power output to maintain guaranteed lethal voltage in the cables. This was the only means we could devise that would meet the demand.”
The Admiral stroked his neck feathers thoughtfully, “Ingenious, Commander, but I am curious. How were you able to kill all of them, even the larvae and the nymphs piloting the ships? They would not have fallen victim to your Siren since they cannot leave the ship?”
“That is true,” said the Commander, his brow furrowed, “we couldn’t get at the larvae and the nymphs directly. But each time they’d deploy a swarm, the Siren would get 80-ish% of the soldiers. Those that got through, we dealt with using more conventional means. They never had enough survivors to bring back food for the larvae, and we stopped losing enough men to keep them fed. It seems the bugs had never encountered an enemy who could neutralize their sheer overwhelming numbers. Either the bugs never learned to avoid the Siren, because its instinctual draw is so hardwired into them, or they simply knew that they had to bring back food in order to survive, and the only way to bring back food was to send out more soldiers. We assume that eventually the very last nymphs became soldiers, those soldiers failed to return, and the larvae starved leaving the ships without a crew and running on automatic settings. A month after the last soldiers were sighted, we sent our own craft up to haul them out into orbit, where your forces took custody of the ships, Admiral.”
The Admiral nodded slowly, “Your weapon was clearly effective, more so than any other that has been devised to fight the bugs, er, Kythoptrans. But I am still appalled that you would rely on such hazardous technology, and then leave the reactor suspended in mid air, vulnerable to attack! I know Earth was not in the Alliance at the time that you built it, but we have learned from experience to regard hydrogen fusion as cursed technology!”
“Oh, we had all heard the story of The Devastation of Corvan II when we built her,” the Commander said quietly, suddenly distracted by the zipper on his bomber jacket, “in fact, there were many of us that were counting on it being true.”
Once again, the council chamber was silent and more confused looks were exchanged.
“Commander, I don’t understand. What was it that you were counting on?” said the General, who by this point was more than a little miffed at how poorly he had followed the conversation.
“Remind me to get that printed on a T-shirt for you,” said the General, in an admirable deadpan. “We were counting on the stories about The Devastation being true.”
Showing frustration for the first time he carried on, “Look, we’d been fighting the bugs for almost a year by the time the Siren lifted off, and it really wasn’t looking good. We’d made some progress in mitigating our losses – enforcing light discipline, networks of underground bunkers, improved targeting systems – but in all honesty, there was no path to victory.”
He bowed his head and took a deep breath, holding it for a moment before letting it out in a nearly inaudible sigh. “Mitigating our losses… that’s our euphemism for ‘thousands of good men and women dying instead of tens of thousands’.”
He sniffed once, straightened his shoulders then looked the Admiral fiercely in the eye, “If the Siren didn’t work as intended, contingency Plan Bravo was detonating the reactor, igniting the atmosphere, and glassing the planet.... Glassing Earth.”
The only sound in the chamber was the low humming of the bug zapper. The Commander looked up at the Chairman whose eye clusters were unreadable. He looked at Ambassador Vushil who was, for the first time shocked into silence.
The Commander turned his gaze on an amphibious-looking councilmember, “You’re Madam Rrrool, aren’t you? High Chancellor of Yelchin IX? Forgive me, but I didn’t have a chance to read everyone’s personnel files.”
She puffed up her neck frill in what seemed to be a gesture of satisfaction, “Yes I am, and may I compliment you on the proper rolling of the R’s.”
The Commander nodded his head in acknowledgement of her compliment, “Well, wouldn’t Yelchin have been next? After eating their fill of Earth and replenishing the swarm, Yelchin was next in their path.”
“Yes it likely would have been, Commander,” she replied, her neck frill pulsing. “We have had more success fending off the Kythoptran swarm than others, but we certainly would have fought a very bitter battle and sustained terrible losses.”
“Yes, well, we were resolved to prevent that at any cost,” the Commander said firmly, “we were determined that one way or another, the bugs were not leaving Earth. If we couldn’t zap ‘em with the Siren, then we were going to fry ‘em with the reactor core. If any of them survived the detonation, there would be nothing left to feed the larvae, and they would starve to death anyway.”
The Chairman gazed at the Commander impassively for a long moment, before nodding and shuffling the files on his desk. A minute passed before he turned his attention to the council members. “It is my stance that the Commander has provided sufficient testimony regarding the Siren superweapon. The intelligence he has provided has satisfied the purpose of this council. If there are no further pertinent questions, then I will thank the Commander for his time and his service and adjourn this session.”
All appeared to be in support of adjournment, but the General could not resist one last dig at the human, “Now that the Kythoptrans are gone, you have no need of a ‘bug zapper’. Of course, the contingency plan of glassing Earth is no longer desirable, so then why have you not decommissioned the superweapon?” asked the general in a tone that many found to be inappropriately accusatory, considering that the Commander had confessed that the humans were planning to sacrifice their entire race and their world rather than let the bugs attack a group of planets who had very recently denied them military and economic support.
“Well we actually found it works great for providing free global wifi, 12G! No more using up your data or having to pay for a hotspot! No more dropped calls or dealing with Verizon’s throttling bullshit! We’ve also been using it to recharge batteries, it’s been great for our global green initiatives, ya know!” assured the Commander enthusiastically.
But the General was not convinced, “You expect this council to believe that you developed this immeasurably destructive power source, and its only intended military application was for charging up a giant bug zapper? You have no intentions of weaponizing this technology? You expect me to believe that humans, with all your violence and blood lust, would never turn it against one of our planets?”
The Commander thought for a moment before replying, “On Earth, there was once a United States Marine General who said, ‘be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.’ We figured we should tailor the weapon to suit the target.”
At this the General rose to his feet, his feline tail lashing side to side, “Ah, so you admit you have plans to fight the Allied nations! And have you designed a weapon specifically to kill me and my people? I think you’ll find we’re not so easily neutralized by a lightbulb and some electricity!”
At 7 feet and some change, the General towered over the Commander. But the human squared up to the feline officer and beheld him with a steady gaze, “General Vozchik, I have read your personnel file, especially the after action reports of your campaign on Shuldii; you destroyed their anti-aircraft battery almost singlehanded. Your action turned the tide of that entire assault. In answer to your question, no. We have not designed weapons specifically targeting you or your kind, General.”
“I see, another example of that human exaggeration, performative bravado, it would seem,” the General retorted smugly.
Without breaking eye contact, the Commander slowly reached into his satchel, producing a large, purple, plushy sphere. It jingled musically as he tossed it lightly onto the ground, where it rolled a meter or so in front of the General.
The hulking feline scoffed, “What is this, another secret weapon? That one hums and this one jingles? Am I supposed to—”, but the General broke off mid-sentence. His eyes dilated and he pounced over the table landing upon the ball. Rolling onto his side, he kneaded the plushy compulsively with his fearsome claws. A deep rumbly purr issued from his chest, the purple ball jingled merrily, and a bit of drool oozed onto his chin.
The council members stared in shock at the debilitated General who was, according to their cultural standards, making a total fool of himself.
“What is this? An anesthetic grenade, some sort of chemical weapon, a hypnotic gas?” cried Chief Military Strategist Szchernok, a mixture of fear and disdain coloring her voice. Her gaze whipped to the Chairman, to the Commander, then back to the General who was still purring and drooling contentedly on the floor. She had never seen one of her kind, a warrior race who prided themselves on their resilience and martial prowess, made so vulnerable with such little effort.
The Commander slung his bag over his shoulder and placed the dark lenses back over his eyes.
“It’s called catnip, Szchernok – a simple herb we grow on Earth to relax and amuse our pet cats,” smirked the Commander, emphasizing the word “pet”.
“As you said Chairman, I think I’ve answered enough questions for one day,” he said addressing the Chairman over his shoulder as he walked towards the exit, “if you have any further inquiries, Ambassador Vushil knows how to reach me.” He smiled at High Chancellor Rrrool, nodded curtly to Szchernok, and strode from the council chamber with a small smile on his lips.
The security guards hustled to open the door for him.
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2020.09.18 18:13 That-I-Can-Tell-You [HIRING] (Jacksonville, FL) DATA ENTRY $14/hr

Feel free to PM us here if you apply:
Job Description
Hours and Schedule:
Starting out as a Contract position, 5 days per week, from 8:00-5:00 
Professional Qualities:
Great attitude Works well in a team environment Dependable and reliable Very punctual, always arrive on time Pleasant and diligent Excellent customer service 
Responsibilities and Duties:
The primary duties are data entry and research using AS400. Data entry at least 88 kph Excellent oral and written communication skills Excellent telephone etiquette Working knowledge of Word and Excel, is required Knowledge of I series 400, preferred Knowledge of heavy haul rates and permit requirements and charges, helpful Knowledge of over-dimensional and escort requirements and charges, helpful 
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2020.09.18 10:27 SalmanMajed [Recruiting][Code: QTSVPA9S] use this to get 200k gil

Welcome to the world of FF14 online! let give a nice push for any new players staring in their journey! (do this before subscribing for the first time, but after you register the game or you wouldn't be able to get the items D: ) Steps: Login to your FFXIV account at "Mog Station": Click on “Your Account” at the top left of the screen. Click on “Enter Recruitment Code” Enter this code: 248WCKWN For using the code, you'll get the following: -Friendship Circlet: Increases EXP earned by 20% when level 25 and below. -Aetheryte Ticket x 99: Players in possession of an aetheryte ticket when using Teleport will not incur a Gil fee. -Ballroom Etiquette - Improper Greetings: Using this will unlock a new emote. Fist Bump (/fistbump, /brofist) -10 Silver Chocobo Feathers: Trade to the Calamity Salvager NPC for special items. The Calamity Salvager NPC can be found in Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, and Ul'dah.
Make sure to be on light data center to get your gil
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2020.09.18 03:02 Tia_PaPia [recruiting][code: FJT8VK72]

Please make sure you enter the code before you purchase your 1st subscription. How to redeem code:
· Login to your Mog Station account:
· Click on, "Manage Service Options."
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When you purchase a subscription for the first time, you will receive:
· Friendship Circlet: Increased EXP earned by 20% when level 25 and below.
· Aetheryte Ticket x 99: Players in possession of this teleport for free.
· Ballroom Etiquette: Using this will unlock the unique emote, /fistbump.
· 10 Silver Chocobo Feathers: Trade to Calamity Salvager NPC for special weapons and armor.
If you happen to play on the Primal Data Center, I play on Excalibur. I'd be more than happy to teach you what I know and run content; I can even hop over to another Primal server to offer my aid. And if you so desire, Discord and pictures of some of my 13 cats to help boost morale. :D
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2020.09.18 00:39 NotEnoughToast [Recruiting][Any Server][Code: 7WGPB92R]

Make sure you enter the code BEFORE you purchase your 1st subscription!
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When you purchase a subscription for the first time you will get:
Full details here:
PM if used. If you come to Chaos data-centre (I'm on Ragnarok) I'm happy to meet up and help you get started and run content with you!
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2020.09.17 21:29 Diodorm [Recruiting] [Code: KVDWRK2U]

Name's Mace ToFace, hailing from Leviathan Server of the Primal Data Center. Come join the fun as Eorzea has something to offer for all minds and playstyles!
Redeem before Subscribing for the first month to get in-game rewards!
IMPORTANT: Make sure you enter your code before signing up for your subscription for the very first time or it will void this and any other codes.
Instructions - how to redeem the code:
  1. Login to you FFXIV account at "Mog Station":
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Rewards that'll help you hit the ground running!
· Friendship Circlet - Increases EXP earned by 20% when level 25 and below.
· Aetheryte Ticket x 99 - Players in possession of an aetheryte ticket when using Teleport will not incur a gil fee.
· Ballroom Etiquette Improper Greetings - Using this will unlock the Fist Bump emote.
· 10 Silver Chocobo Feathers - Trade to the Calamity Salvager NPC for level 20/50/60/70 gear.
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2020.09.17 12:48 GuniPanda [Recruiting] [Code: E9V2MHH8] [Can offer help when starting out!]

Hey there! Let's help each other out and get goodies while we are at it. ^^ Feel free to add me in-game! (Name: Kuro Shiraishi) I have a Free Company (guild) that would be more than happy to help you start and answer your questions and just play this amazing game together. So consider playing on the Light data center on the Lich server. ^^
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Friendship Circlet: Increases EXP earned by 20% when level 25 and below for all classes.
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Aetheryte Ticket x 99: (When using an aetheryte ticket you teleport without using Gil)
Ballroom Etiquette: Improper Greetings (Using this will unlock an exclusive emote: Fist Bump /fistbump)
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2020.09.17 08:57 Diodorm [Recruiting] [Code: 66KB6DE4]

Name's Mace ToFace, hailing from Leviathan Server of the Primal Data Center. Come join the fun as Eorzea has something to offer for all minds and playstyles!
Redeem before Subscribing for the first month to get in-game rewards!
IMPORTANT: Make sure you enter your code before signing up for your subscription for the very first time or it will void this and any other codes.
Instructions - how to redeem the code:
  1. Login to you FFXIV account at "Mog Station":
  2. Click on "Your Account" at the top left of the screen.
  3. Click on "Manage Service Options"
  4. Click on "Enter Recruitment Code" (around the middle of the page)
  5. Enter code: 66KB6DE4
Rewards that'll help you hit the ground running!
· Friendship Circlet - Increases EXP earned by 20% when level 25 and below.
· Aetheryte Ticket x 99 - Players in possession of an aetheryte ticket when using Teleport will not incur a gil fee.
· Ballroom Etiquette Improper Greetings - Using this will unlock the Fist Bump emote.
· 10 Silver Chocobo Feathers - Trade to the Calamity Salvager NPC for level 20/50/60/70 gear.
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2020.09.16 17:05 whyiamthewaythatiam I (22F) feel an overwhelming sense of shame over things and feel they are unforgiveable

I have been struggling with a bioinformatics project, I am not from the field (I am doing my bachelor's in data science). I didn't know the community too well, so like an absolute moron I posted the same question on multiple forums and I later realised that that was not proper etiquette because it meant having multiple giving thought to the same problem and wasting time as that time could be used to help someone else with a unique issue. I am feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt and am wondering if the community will blacklist me. How do I ask for forgiveness from internet people and tell them I am so sorry for kind of acting like an entitled Karen?
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2020.09.16 06:20 Villannie The more I look at it, the more now seems like a bad time to build a computer - am I mistaken?

Howdy folks!
This is my first time contributing here, so forgive any formatting or etiquette faux pas (I'm unsure whether this falls under the rule against "posts about rumors" since some of it is arguably speculation, but the PC Master Race forum is nothing but memes and pictures of car seats stapled to swivel bases so I hoped to aim this somewhere more discussion-based). I've never built a computer myself before, but in the last few months I've saved up around $2500 to get a solid machine for work as well as games. The more I examine what's currently available and what's coming down the pipeline though, it seems like right now is a bad time to build a computer with the goal of longevity or "future-proofing" (or, honestly, resale value for upgrades) in mind. Or if now isn't necessarily a bad time, it seems at least like it's right before an exceptionally good time.
PCIe 4 seems to have only recently come into its own as a standard but will already be phased out of a lot at the top end of consumer products by 2022. It took seven years to move from PCIe 3 to 4, and the PCIe 5 standard is already published, so PCIe 4 looks like it'll be relatively short-lived and buying PCIe 3 components (I was looking at the Intel i9-10900k CPU, for example) seems foolhardy.
DDR4 RAM is popular right now, but it's pretty well nearing the end of its generation too - DDR3 in 2007, DDR4 in 2014, and now DDR5 hitting the market next year, probably entering the "justifiable price for normal humans" range a year or so after that.
On the topic of RAM - the new NVIDIA 3000 series has some exciting developments, but it's the first generation that uses a PAM4 structure in its GDDR6x memory and for that reason (as far as i can tell) has stagnated in terms of actual card memory space between this generation and the last. I worry that the cards won't stand up to four or five years use near the mid-high end of performance since some games are already pushing close to that 10GB limit and I'm sure other heavy tech applications like data crunching or machine learning will take full advantage of memory volume expansions as they come.
Now also seems like a transitory period for monitors - from what I can tell, there aren't very many that can offer solid FPS/resolution for gaming as well as the color accuracy and contrast one would need for professional design work at a price below the four-digit range. I'm currently using a pair of pretty old 1080p60 27" Dell screens so just about anything would be a huge upgrade, but I'd ideally like to get something that can handle both; I've seen the LG 27GN950-B and 27GN850 bandied around as good options, but they lack the new HDMI 2.1 port standard and it seems like various issues have cropped up around the novel Nano IPS technology they use as well as quality control. The EVE Spectrum looks like the only monitor coming soon that has versatile new display technology as well as the ports to make best use of it, but I'm not touching that company with a ten-foot pole. I'll admit this is one area where I hope for growth within the next few months rather than a year since initial models incorporating new tech are at least being announced.
It seems like a lot of areas in consumer computing are approaching a shift in technology that will all come to a head in two years or so, meaning people who buy computers now, assuming an upgrade cycle of 4-5 years, will miss out on a lot of stuff coming down the pipe between now and then and see a sharp dropoff in comparative performance vs new-generation technology when 2022 arrives. Compared to people who bought in during 2016 and are still getting solid performance in games and industry applications with hardware from half a decade ago, it just feels like new buyers in this generation are getting the short end of the stick in terms of dollar value and longevity. I know there's that popular saying that "the best time to buy a computer is always in six months" and regardless of performance the best computer is the one you can actually use, but am I mistaken here? I'll admit a good deal of this was told to me by a pretty cynical friend, but I don't see much out there that contradicts it.
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2020.09.16 04:49 soapycord [Recruiting][Aether][Code:KWUCU7YW] extra 20k gil for using my code

Code can only be used after the game is purchased but before a subscription is purchased
Code: KWUCU7YW<------------------------
In game items
In order to get the bonus 20k gil please either leave a reply or message me on reddit so i can give you the gil also make sure you are on the Aether data center or else i cant give you the gil
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2020.09.16 02:14 infernalscreeching [Recruiting] [Code: 3HKRBD6G]

I'm from the Hyperion Server of the Primal Data Center. Come join the fun as Eorzea has something to offer for all minds and playstyles! Redeem before Subscribing for the first month to get in-game rewards!
IMPORTANT: Make sure you enter your code before signing up for your subscription for the very first time or it will void this and any other codes. Instructions - how to redeem the code:
Login to you FFXIV account at "Mog Station":
Click on "Your Account" at the top left of the screen.
Click on "Manage Service Options"
Click on "Enter Recruitment Code" (around the middle of the page)
Enter code: 3HKRBD6G
Rewards that'll help you hit the ground running! · Friendship Circlet - Increases EXP earned by 20% when level 25 and below. · Aetheryte Ticket x 99 - Players in possession of an aetheryte ticket when using Teleport will not incur a gil fee. · Ballroom Etiquette Improper Greetings - Using this will unlock the Fist Bump emote. · 10 Silver Chocobo Feathers - Trade to the Calamity Salvager NPC for level 20/50/60/70 gear.
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2020.09.16 01:31 Diodorm [Recruiting][Code: CMWWE7MW]

Name's Mace ToFace, hailing from Leviathan Server of the Primal Data Center. Come join the fun as Eorzea has something to offer for all minds and playstyles!
Redeem before Subscribing for the first month to get in-game rewards!
IMPORTANT: Make sure you enter your code before signing up for your subscription for the very first time or it will void this and any other codes.
Instructions - how to redeem the code:
  1. Login to you FFXIV account at "Mog Station":
  2. Click on "Your Account" at the top left of the screen.
  3. Click on "Manage Service Options"
  4. Click on "Enter Recruitment Code" (around the middle of the page)
  5. Enter code: CMWWE7MW
Rewards that'll help you hit the ground running!
· Friendship Circlet - Increases EXP earned by 20% when level 25 and below.
· Aetheryte Ticket x 99 - Players in possession of an aetheryte ticket when using Teleport will not incur a gil fee.
· Ballroom Etiquette Improper Greetings - Using this will unlock the Fist Bump emote.
· 10 Silver Chocobo Feathers - Trade to the Calamity Salvager NPC for level 20/50/60/70 gear.
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2020.09.15 14:47 CyberHoot State & Local Government Cyberattacks Up 50%

Cybersecurity firm BlueVoyant published a report on August 27, 2020, finding that State and Local Governments have seen a 50% increase in cyberattacks since 2017. The report outlined the cyberattacks as either targeted intrusions, fraud, or damage caused by hackers. BlueVoyant noted that the 50% increase in attacks is likely a fraction of the true number of incidents because many go unreported.


The main weakness with State and Local Governments is the general lack of a basic security program to educate and govern users and technology to protect their networks and endpoints. Additionally, government entities are purchasing cyber insurance as standard operating procedure. Hackers recognize this and target them knowing that cyber insurance will pay out a ransomware demand.
The study validated BlueVoyant’s position that active threat targeting happens across the board:
“For every selected county’s online footprint, evidence showed some sign of intentional targeting,” What’s more, five counties — or 17% of the 28 studied — showed signs of potential compromise, indicating that traffic from government assets was reaching out to malicious networks. There’s a collective risk here because there is no standardization [around security controls]. You have certain state and local [governments] that are on dot-coms and dot-us or dot-orgs. One would think that these should be on the dot-gov domain because [that] means that you not only check the box as being a certified government site, but you get forced two-factor authentication and you’re always going to have HTTPS.” Austin Berglas, Head of Ransomware/Incident Response at BlueVoyant


The main method these agencies are attacked is through Ransomware. Ransomware has grown exponentially in recent years, with government entities being attacked weekly. What’s also concerning is the increase in hacker’s extortion demands. Three years ago, the average ransomware demand was $30,000. In 2020, it grew to nearly half a million dollars. Even when municipalities don’t pay, the breach recovery costs can be enormous. The City of Baltimore spent more than $18 million on damages and remediation in a 2019 ransomware attack.
The risk with small governments is similar to the risk with SMBs; they assume they are not at risk due to the size of their organization. What all these entities don’t realize is that hackers target them because they lack proper cybersecurity programs.


The other primary attack vector used by hackers on government employees is Phishing. Phishing is a form of social engineering to deceive individuals into doing the hacker’s bidding. Hackers want users to click on malicious links in email which downloads malware granting hackers system access. The report notes that typosquatting was the main reason users were being tricked, a strategy used in Phishing Attacks. Typosquatting uses look-alike domains to fool users into clicking on links. Users land on identically formatted websites that steal their login credentials for the hackers to use. An example is “” instead of “”. Now a hacker uses those stolen Amazon credentials to order merchandise delivered to their PO Box.

2020 Election Risks

The upcoming 2020 election opens up the opportunity for hackers to cause more trouble. This puts cybersecurity into the spotlight as the last line of defense against election tampering. Governments need to prepare and develop a strong cybersecurity program ahead of these elections. CyberHoot has a simple and effective set of recommendations for State and Local Governments to protect themselves.

State & Local Government Recommendations

According to Austin Berglas, Head of Romsomware/Incident Response at BlueVoyant, “State and local governments can take three immediate steps to improve their security postures”.
  1. Implement strong passwords.
  1. Two-Factor Authentication
  1. Review and strengthen remote access

Ransomware & Phishing Protection

CyberHoot also recommends the following additional actions to reduce the likelihood of falling victim to a Ransomware or Phishing attack:
No matter what sort of attack vector hackers are using, following these recommendations is a great starting point in building a strong defense-in-depth cybersecurity program.
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2020.09.15 03:46 Alternative_Craft_35 What if most people were Asperger's?

The following is a hard SF hypothetical scenario. Any similarity to any real person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
I start with politics, government and society, and then I'll get down to talking about the actual weapons. If you're bored, skip to the bold. Human cultural universals are cultural universals. Modern numerals, the modern number system, English as a foreign language, and the International System of Units are technically not human cultural universals, but for the sake of this exercise, they are cultural universals. For example, their computers have numbers quantifying time in terms of seconds, and their unit of length is the meter, the exact same as with humans on Earth. Also, writing is from left to right, just like with modern numerals. Assume that the only possible difference between government and a crime is Authority. Life is hard, unfair, and short. In real life and in the scenario, the leaders are there to make ultimate decisions of who does what, so therefore, anything that the organization needs to do and towards which the organization is inherently mistrustful and perpetually wary becomes the leader's job to do themselves instead of to trust it to anyone, and any other task is one they must trust to a subordinate. Therefore the leadership are by necessity corporate psychopaths, meaning they are callous, cunning, reckless, ruthless, remorseless, unkind, and make representations with dishonesty aforethought. People find such behaviour when done by someone whose job it is to do it to be charming, and they don't want to hear that, because it calls out the official line as a lie.
Assume hard SF, with no sort of one big lie that contradicts physics nor chemistry, such as the Dangerous And Very Expensive drive from Starfall.
My opinion is the following: the most obvious difference is that if not for its Authority, government would be a different crime in real life than in scenario. In real life, if not for its authority the government would be just an extortion racket. If not for their authority, hypothetically the government would be just a case in which the leaders are mate criminals, and the servicemembers and other constituents would be just Asperger's people tricked into participating in society with their perceived friends: the leadership. Therefore, measures such as the Friendship Games would have increased significance.
The second most obvious difference is that there is some sort of reason why ordinary people in real life are generally neurotypical, and why ordinary people in scenario are generally Asperger's. It's because in real life, it feels better and is more compliant to emotionally resonate with others, to believe one's own confabulations and the official line no matter how illogical they may be, and to have no plan and to be distant and cold and insist on having logic and a plan. In scenario, neurotypicals and Asperger's people have the same advantages, disadvantages, and inner workings, but the advantages of Asperger's outweighs the advantages of neurotypicality. Life is hard, unfair, and short, but for people that aren't impulsive, it's too much of a safe and supportive environment to justify a "live fast," high-r strategy, so getting emotionally invested in such matters as toxic relationships and taking advertising seriously is not that great an idea. People that you can trust won't make appeals to the emotions, so being "distant and cold" can have a great protective effect. Another protective effect is being "cool under-fire," meaning being deliberate and outwardly calm under stress. The official line and the program are often corrupt and inept, so finding errors and blurting them out can get someone excluded from some very toxic phenomena if only they are willing to get out fast enough without allowing excuses such as money to stop them. Often, ingratiating oneself to something that on the face of it is illogical is a very bad idea. For example, if you help the company to kill someone, it's probably by helping them do such acts as sell a defective car or make a product by polluting too much. If you burn out at work, it's probably after having ingratiated yourself and not speaking your mind soon enough. Also, if you get yourself locked up or killed, it's probably the aforementioned mistakes or doing something impulsive, such as recreational drug use or bad driving. Subject to this, Asperger's people still get mercy from authority figures and can believe that the leadership and the official line are right, as long as they wait until it is made logical and free of obvious errors before obeying it. This includes situations in which it is rational to re say things that are plausible, but are afterwards known to be lies or wrong. It can be rational to have difficulties at work, because it serves as an unintentional industrial action. The lack of intent in such an industrial action makes retaliation more difficult. Also, as long as somebody gets out fast enough, having difficulty keeping a job can be a rational response to a toxic job, because it relieves someone of the toxicity and allows them to rest in between jobs. It can also be a rational response to a gig economy. Such a thing sounds like sociopathy, but sociopathy is a type of Cluster B personality disorder, and if Asperger's is a mental disorder, then it would be known to be a different disorder than that, which also has some protective effect against retaliation, as long as that person gets out of something fast enough of course.
When conflict erupts, like any other phenomenon and how people treat each other, it has very similar causes, inner workings, and consequences in real life and in scenario. There, as here, loneliness and frustration builds into workplace toxicity and retail therapy. This is outside the enemies control, the enemy cannot control this. This increases until resource conflict erupts against other lonely, frustrated, toxic nations looking for retail therapy. Both sides have behaviors such as conflating dissent with sympathizing with the enemy, making the enemy synonymous with cruelty, and making one's own side synonymous with necessity. The entire thing is an angry explosion by both nations against the other. The conflict resource turns into retail therapy, and things get steadily worse until the head of state uses his explosion in a darkened room as a televised address. With the exception of bursts of public support immediately after major victories, support for the war steadily decreases until the population and media complains of being scammed, and that the case for war is a lie of commission. Then, both nations disengage and attempt to clean up the wreckage.
The difference is, an angry explosion would be a "meltdown," and would start for the same reasons as an autistic meltdown. One possible cause is that when you pester someone or have unwelcome physical contact with someone, it is annoying and creates shouting matches. The nation's have not enough exercise and sleep, and too much involuntary or unwanted stimulation. This is what the Anarcho communist complain about when they say something is spitting their lives back in their faces in the form of images of their lives. Nouveau riche flaunting of new technologies inside inappropriate places such as their bedrooms are one source of overstimulation. One or both nations feels pestered or touched unwelcomely, and attacks the other to shut down the annoying stimulus at its source. The precipitating cause is that the leadership are total socialite Style toxic employees, and instigate office drama. During war, the typical autistic meltdown symptoms are a frequent occurrence, for example people frequently shake, breathe irregularly, strike themselves in the head, and collapse onto the floor. The meltdowns are often mishandled after the fact, such as failing to remove themselves from the situation into a less simulating simulation, and failing to do Hobbies, exercise and sleep.
Also, both here and there, Asperger's people are hypercritical, so especially when the system becomes corrupt or inept, it can be difficult to keep Asperger's people in order. This is because though generally not believing such myths as "everyone tells lies," Aspergers people are still great at spotting errors, and have difficulty not speaking their mind, especially when insincerely prompted to speak their minds. Also, when Asperger's people say something which on its face is about the matter of discussion, it's generally meant as such. It is generally not meant to look for a fight. However, when faced with mention of something that's not math, science, or engineering, authority figures and advisees are paranoid that what is said is a disrespectful and unkind metaphor made with malice aforethought for another topic, such as their relationship with the subordinate that spoke. Being in a group often requires knowing, understanding, and agreeing with something because it's what people want to hear, and what people want to hear is often based on cognitive bias and ego. This is a frequent difficulty with Asperger's people, Aspergers people have difficulty guessing and agreeing with something because it's what someone wants to hear.
In real life, when communists are communist, it creates class conflict, which turns into a situation in which government and other Enterprises are mandatory, but no distinction is officially made between them. In other words, it creates Bolshevism. The USSR was a response to Anarcho-communism. In scenario, the Union of Friendship Republics wasn't a response to Anarcho-communism, it was a response to aspects of their people that were ungovernable then that industrialization was happening and that manufacturing was catching up to new transportation. Chomsky had to be made right, the leadership had control issues, and when they lost control, they regained it in inept and peculiar ways. For example, before industrialization, tolerating differences in products, services, and people wasn't something that their institutions, such as church and family, wanted to do, but they did anyway because they were using craft production anyway; if you didn't like what was going on in the village, you could just take a newfangled bicycle into the other village and move in there. However, when industrialization caught up, it became unacceptable that people were inflexible in their personalities, and the leadership resumed taking constructive criticism and cold logic as non-constructive. The leadership were also jealous of the tendency of their people and foreigners to think, so they created an enemy and used it as an excuse to change the official situation from distinguishing between government and other Enterprises into a situation in which the party exercise direct control over all aspects of human life and work. Regulations on etiquette were express, but vast and often contained alleged "polite" lies, and guessing which regulation it was acceptable to follow was usually necessary and ineffective.
The result was a mass manufactured result that except for its relative homogeneity, might as well have been an improvised result: people were highly trained in thinking about math, science, and engineering, and discouraged by any means physically possible from thinking about nor believing anything else. The party line was made deliberately extreme, and people that demanded consistency and took things to their logical and extreme conclusion appreciated this at first, but the many that were proficient doing anything about it soon realized that the leadership was determined to sabotage their own subordinates, no matter who the leadership were, nor who the subordinates were. The party line was yet another means by which the leadership successfully looked for this fight. The party meant to use the party line this way, but at no time did they actually mean for it to be 100% implemented, they needed to make ideological concessions to the West. However, like with anyone else, it was possible to coerce their people, but wasn't possible to get exactly what was wanted or wished from that coercion. The leadership wanted a mixed economy because they realize from the beginning that some degree of private Enterprise was necessary to support their arms expenditures and their lifestyles. However, their desire for a mixed economy became an elephant in the living room, and their failure to communicate instead of saying "loud and outrageous" (credit is to NorthKorea) absurdity meant that they got what they got away with saying in public that they wanted instead of what they said in private and posthumously that they wanted. People that were proficient at surviving accepted that life is hard, unfair, short, and that ideas about government are a lie. All of this sent a powerful message: "We are your friends, so get with the program - or else."
In real life, the United States of America accepts that private enterprise is a cultural universal. Then that they got from sea to shining sea, they ran out of targets and they realized that they had the entire mass execution thing out of their system, so they switched to mass incarceration. They also realized that they could just fire people, they could make a distinction between government and other Enterprises. Instead of using direct, official control, there were several types of conflict of interest that they could use to enforce informal anti-competitive practices to maintain control. In scenario, they are the United Mates of America, a much more proficient means of making Chomsky right than the UFR. If not for their authority, they would be just mate criminals. Therefore, the system blurs work-life separation, with the intention aforethought to institutionalize one's private life, such as by having people in apartments of 50 to 150 residents, or having to live in a group living situation. If you were lucky, the people working in your group living situation did not know your work mates. Another frequent occurrence was contact between one's hobby group and one's workmates. When the boss trusted someone, it was in large part on the basis that they showed up to workplace fraternization things and conformed there. Etiquette was complex and informal, so it was often difficult to exhibit good social skills, which satisfied the boss's requirement for a steady stream of people to blame and exclude. All of the send a powerful message: "We are your friends - so please be with the flow. If you want to be yourself and speak your mind when it is wrong by us, you may do so - if you dare."
In real life and in scenario, your workmates are not your friends, and it is always advisable to have a small number of friends, and keep a secret journal. If anyone finds out about the journal before it's locked up in your lawyer's office, you're gone.
Every moral, legal, and ethical norm is there to prevent war, so therefore when war happens, it is logical that everything that ever goes wrong in the way people treat each other not only goes wrong in war, but that war is a way things go wrong in how people treat each other. For example, societies have norms against theft and deception. Among other social problems, war is made entirely of theft by deception; social problems are not just one of the things that happen there, social problems are the only thing it's there to do. War does not merely include social problems, it is a social problem. It does not merely include theft by deception, it is theft by deception.
That last part is something Asperger's people have trouble with. In real life, when you tell lies, it creates a different conflict then what it creates in scenario. It's not that Asperger's people are not capable of believing lies, instead, lies include errors, and since Asperger's people are more proficient at spotting errors than concealing them, Asperger's people often blurt out the errors that they found. Authority figures generally respond by trying to restore order quickly and at any cost, and can be quite harsh in doing so. Authority figures tell lies, people innocently blurt out errors that they found, and then authority figures mount an emergency response to restore order.
In scenario, this is writ large, so in a far-right or far-left country, it usually involves mass confinement, mass detention or worse of dissidents that didn't know they were dissenting. In a more moderate country, it usually results in mass walkouts and down-sizing. In any case, when an organization shrinks, suffers an industrial action, or is disestablished, it's usually out of frustration on the basis that the boss is over emotional, illogical, inept, or that the team's system of etiquette has become baffling. This can happen if the boss purges to keep order, if the subordinates resign en masse as a protest, whether to the original inept act, or against the mass use of disciplinary measures by the boss. This can happen if an equilibrium develops that favors subordinates mocking the boss, and that the boss humorlessly require respect. This equilibrium is a type of toxic workplace called a climate of "ergastergaloiphobia," meaning "fear of workplace comedy like situations," in which workplace comedy like situations are a frequent occurrence, respecting the boss is difficult, this difficulty makes just doing the job much more difficult, and you are not welcome to not respect the boss. Credit is to AncientGreek.
Another way in which when you tell lies, it creates conflict is when Asperger's people actually believe the lie. Though lies sometimes are meant to confuse people as to what they say, the semantic content if any of the lie is an exaggerated, extreme representation of the world. Asperger's people have trouble with taking an instruction figuratively, and this includes taking an instruction in moderation. Therefore, when Aspergers people believe a lie, they often take its extreme representation to its allegedly "logical," actually extreme conclusion. This can result in over-compliance, a form of chaos that erupts when someone tells lies. In scenario, this usually results in far-right, far-left or otherwise bizarre situations that the leadership did not actually intend.
Now as for the actual weapons, in real life, rotation is usually not crucial to its users understanding of the weapon. However, in scenario, rotation is usually crucial to its users understanding of it. For example, in scenario gang warfare melee weapons are very twirlable. This includes the chain lock. Ever since 1950s technology, anything more advanced is usually designed by updating a Fortran program or a data file that a Fortran program uses to do the mathematics of optimization based on the client's budget and how the details of the design interact with economies of scale in manufacturing and with the client's tactics and weapons. The program makes product life cycle decisions and design decisions on its own. The enormous use of computational resources means that Asperger's society is late to use generative design per se, but in a sense the entire thing was generatively designed since they began to have 1950s technology. Police batons are usually the rapid rotation baton. Instead of chain guns, in scenario, it's usually Gatling guns. In units when there is or is usually a confrontation in briefings, the subordinates have and follow a de facto plan to skip the briefing and scramble. Friendly stimuli can be just as baffling and overwhelming as enemy stimuli, so once the formation detects an enemy, the formation scatters. Air combat is usually 1 on 1.
Asperger's language is highly specific, and the on-board vehicle computer often reflects this, exhibiting several types of the warnings on board vehicle computers have in real life. For example, on the more rudimentary vehicles have several types of altitude warnings, and several types of pull up warnings, each with a distinct and specific meaning. Also, there may not be merely a right engine fire warning or left engine fire warning, the computer may make a distinction between types or severities of engine fires. On the more advanced vehicles, warnings describe combinations of several factors. The military projects involved use clustering algorithms (a type of machine learning) to extract the warnings from data sets gathered from the flight data recorders on board combat aircraft. To avoid overloading the pilot, there's a smaller limit on how many items the pilot can be expected to keep track of at once, but the number of items that they can be expected to keep track of ever is larger. For non Asperger's pilots, the large vocabulary that the computer uses, as opposed to merely used about the vehicle, can be baffing, overwhelming, and unhelpful. Asperger's people can become confused and baffled when hearing from people, even their own allies, so the radio is there as a backup for the computer, and communication is mostly through the tactical data link. Over the radio, they use Asperger's language, therefore they don't make as many metaphors. For example, over the radio and otherwise, an Airborne enemy is called just that, an "airborne enemy," such as "air-to-air enemy" or "enemy bomber," or it's equivalent in whatever language they're using, such as Esperanto or Lojban. It's only called a "bandit" or "bogey" during times of abbreviated voice procedure. The sterile cockpit rule and being calm and deliberate under stress are crucial.
Also, vehicle operators, such as pilots, blank out or have poor spatial reasoning skills, so therefore all vehicles designed to have at least two people in them always have two sets of controls. The passenger side controls may lack a throttle control or have a smaller steering wheel or yoke, but they are quite functional. This is true of civilian vehicles, police vehicles, and military vehicles alike. The more advanced vehicles always have automation to take over from a confused or distracted operator. This includes fly-by-wire to take over when the operator may be misjudging the dive, is about to collide with another vehicle, or hasn't toggled a switch in the last 40 seconds or less. Also, the operator usually fires by authorizing the Fire Control System, which makes an automated decision about the exact moment to fire. Force firing is possible, but rare. The guns have a firing arc, and are computer-controlled, so the operator points them in the general direction of the enemy, authorizes the Fire Control System, and the computer aims and fires the weapons on its own.
The enormous role of automation and the nerdy nature of the people means that if it can be hacked, it will be. Successful cyberattacks are without negotiation, without compromise, and without reconciliation. They are devastating. Often, a feature is successfully demonstrated in the lab, but it can't be fielded for the simple fact that it is not secure against cyberattacks. The absolute latest technology is drones.
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